Checking in on the Planeswalkers (2018)

It’s been a while.

Before we get to a Planeswalker-packed showdown on Ravnica and the return of Planeswalkers Commanders in Commander 2018, I’d like to catch you all up on 25 years worth of Planeswalkers.

That’s right, 25 years.

Carded and uncarded, pre-Mending and post, these are the Planeswalkers who have ignited their sparks and shaped stories across the Multiverse. So whether it’s your first introduction to these characters or just a stroll down memory lane, dive in and read more about Magic’s Planeswalker legends.

Ajani Goldmane

In search of Planeswalker allies once more. Following the death of Elspeth Tirel on Theros, Ajani Goldmane tracked the Bolas-directed threat of Tezzeret to the plane of Kaladesh. Rescuing Pashiri, Nissa Revane, and Chandra Nalaar from the Dhund, Ajani found himself supporting the Gatewatch alongside Renegade forces before taking an oath of his own. The leonin argued for preparation, hoping to recruit additional Planeswalkers before facing down Nicol Bolas. But when only Gideon and Liliana made their Dominaria rendezvous after going against his advice on Amonkhet, it was clear that Ajani needed to recruit even more for the battle to come.

Last Appearances: Return to Dominaria: Episode 3, Return to Dominaria: Episode 5

Altair | Art by M. Anthony Castrillo, Anibal Rodriguez, & Mark Csaszar


A heroic sacrifice in the war against Ravidel. When the Planeswalker Ravidel threatened to use a cylix to destroy their work, the Sages of Minorad gave into the mage’s demands. For Altair, this meant being cursed to wander Dominaria planebound and powerless. He struck an an alliance with the Nightmare Caliphear, but it was a mistaken spell cast by their common enemy which undid Ravidel’s curse. With his Planeswalker powers restored, Altair later battled against Ravidel alongside Jared Carthalion and Kristina, but was killed after engaging Ravidel’s Fallen and Lord of the Pit in an act to buy Jared more time.

Last Appearances: Nightmare, Wayfarer #4, Wayfarer #5

Angrath, Minotaur Pirate | Art by Chris Rahn


Reunited with family. Having been away from his children for fourteen years, Angrath was eager to find a way off the prison world of Ixalan. Alongside and eventually against Huatli, Angrath journeyed to Orazca, encountering Tishana and Vona atop the Immortal Sun before the artifact vanished from beneath them all. Quickly realizing that the planeswalking barrier had been lifted, the minotaur said his most sincere goodbyes and finally escaped the world entirely. Angrath returned home to his shop where he reunited with his daughters, Jamira and Rumi.

Last Appearances: Who Tells the Stories, Wool Over the Eyes

Arlinn Kord | Art by Winona Nelson

Arlinn Kord

In control of her curse and making amends. As the world of Innistrad spiraled into madness, Arlinn Kord worked hard to protect who she could. Her short-lived past as an archmage of the Church of Avacyn had returned to haunt her though, as her would-be allies in the fight against the corrupted angels included the cathar Rembert who had witnessed her transformation and killing spree all those years ago. Rembert was the only one who hadn’t forgiven Arlinn yet, and in Avacyn’s death his life now depended on it.

Last Appearances: Under the Silver Moon, The Archmage of Goldnight

Arzakon | Magic: The Gathering (Shandalar)


Banished from Shandalar after a failed plot for power. An extraordinarily powerful Planeswalker, Arzakon was lured to the plane of Shandalar following a bout of highly magical activity on the world. Though the planar barrier held strong, Arzakon was able to influence local leaders from beyond. He posed as an advisor and aimed to deceive the leaders into casting a spell that would bring down the barrier, allowing him to conquer Shandalar. Unfortunately for Arzakon, the leaders were defeated and the barrier held strong, and Arzakon was banished for thousands of years.

Last Appearances: Magic: The Gathering (Shandalar), Magic: The Gathering (Shandalar) Instruction Manual (Mention)

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver | Art by Karla Ortiz


Disrupting the patterns of life. Having devastated the city of Iretis in a deal with Phenax, God of Deception, Ashiok was granted temporary protection from the prying eyes of Nyx. The nightmare weaver immediately put the boon to use by manufacturing the city-god Cacophony from Therosian dreams—that is until Cacophony was snuffed out by Ephara. But Ashiok’s schemes didn’t end there. Commanding many of the plane’s mages in nightly sleepwalking assaults, Ashiok exhausted entire cities before casting their denizens into an extended sleep. The plan has not gone unopposed though, as Atha and Dack Fayden aim to recruit an Underworld god to their cause.

Last Appearances: Dreams of the City, Magic: The Gathering – Theros

Azor, the Lawbringer | Art by Ryan Pancoast

In a solitude of his own magical binding. Parun of the Azorius, founder of the Guildpact, and planebound myth. After being stranded by Ugin’s defeat in failed plot to imprison Nicol Bolas, Azor at first sought to bring order and governance to Ixalan by gifting the Immortal Sun to various factions on world, but later hid away with the relic instead. When Jace Beleren and Vraska realized the full extent of Azor’s damage on Ixalan and elsewhere, the sphinx was banished to Useless Island in a Guildpact decree by Jace.

Last Appearances: The Arbiter of Law Left Chaos in His Wake, Sabotage (Flashback)

Fireball | Art by Mark Tedin


Loyal to the end. The second-highest ranking Planeswalker of Tezzeret’s Consortium, Baltrice was Tezzeret’s trusted right hand for the years that the organization remained active. In its final days though, when tables had turned firmly against her imprisoned rival, the pyromancer enjoyed torturing the mind mage Jace Beleren at whim. At the final battle inside of the Tezzeret’s sanctum, Baltrice was ordered to follow Tezzeret and help him in battle against Jace Beleren, but she was kept back by Liliana Vess and met her end in combat with the necromancer.

Baltrice’s work for the Consortium was not so easily forgotten though. In an assassination mission on Kamigawa, Baltrice and Jace discovered that their nezumi prince informant had lied to the Consortium, making their stealthy entrance impossible. Enraged by this fact, Baltrice sent a message to the prince by launching a massive fireball at the swamp village. It was this uncontrolled attack that killed dozens and orphaned the young nezumi Nashi, who was later adopted by Tamiyo, the Moon Sage.

Last Appearances: Agents of Artifice, Release (Mention)

Planeswalker’s Mischief | Art by Pete Venters

Bo Levar

An immortal sacrifice in the defense of beauty. In a past soul, Bo Levar was the broken and sadistic Captain Crucias who enabled others to watch the “mayhem and death” of the Brothers’ War for entertainment. When Urza’s Ruinous Blast ignited his spark, he became the much less reprehensible Bo Levar, cigar connoisseur and interplanar smuggler and was enlisted as one of the nine titans, aiding in the destruction of the plane of Phyrexia. As Yawgmoth threatened all of Dominaria in a final assault, the Planeswalker was forced to action. In his death to Yawgmoth, Bo Levar created a sphere of metaphysical protections for the Eliterates and others, providing functionally limitless space for any who sought sanctuary within.

Last Appearances: Planeshift, Apocalypse

Boragor | Duels 2015


Killed in Garruk’s hunt. Under the command of Captain Vronos, Boragor was to rendezvous on -Esper with other Planeswalkers to share what they had discovered in their mission to capture Garruk, the Veil-Cursed. But when Garruk found the hermit Planeswalker preparing a spell in a deadened grove, battle ensued and Boragor fell. Boragor plead for his life and revealed details of their mission, but Garruk finished killing the Planeswalker and moved on in his hunt.

Last Appearance: Magic 2015 – Garruk’s Revenge

Chandra, Bold Pyromancer | Art by Zack Stella

Chandra Nalaar

Confident in her power. After doubting herself in the wake of the Gatewatch’s defeat against Nicol Bolas on Amonkhet, Chandra visited Keral Keep once more. She hoped to gain power from Jaya Ballard’s tutelage, even after learning Jaya was Mother Luti, but it wasn’t until she showed herself in the calming restoration of Multani that Jaya accepted. With her trained focus, Chandra accompanied Gideon into the Stronghold to recover the Blackblade, where Gideon and Liliana defeated Belzenlok with the weapon. Victorious, Chandra left Dominaria alongside the other Planeswalkers to prepare on Ravnica for the battle to come.

Last Appearances: Return to Dominaria: Episode 11, Return to Dominaria: Episode 12

Dack Fayden | Art by Eric Deschamps

Dack Fayden

Searching for a god in the Underworld. Having defeated the Planeswalker Sifa Grent, responsible for slaughtering his hometown on Fiora, Dack Fayden was led to the plane of Theros when he used his psychometry on a stolen gauntlet. After serving for a short time on the Hadross, a ship whose captain and crew who were willing to help him track down a missing component of the gauntlet, Dack spent a month in Meletis but was plagued by constant nightmares. After meeting a mage named Atha and experiencing the sleepwalking “curse” as she and others had labeled it, Atha proposed that Dack enter a portal to Theros’s Underworld and convince a god to help them end Ashiok’s meddling.

Last Appearances: Path of Vengeance, Magic: the Gathering – Theros

Dakkon Blackblade | Art by Rags Morals, Barbara Kaalberg, & Atomic Paintbrush

Dakkon Blackblade

Whereabouts and fate unknown. Dakkon had hunted the Planeswalker Geydarone Dihada across the Multiverse after she stole his shadow, but she had convoluted plans of her own. Though Dakkon eventually regained his Blackblade and shadow, Dihada’s machinations ensured these rewards came at a price. Her servant Chromium had drained Dakkon’s spark of its power, she had doomed him to be her servant for all of eternity, and he remained bound to Carth the Lion by the magics that Dihada had tricked them into.

Last Appearances: Dakkon Blackblade, Battlemage (Mention)

Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast | Art by Victor Adame Minguez


Revenge on his Academy peers. Following Daretti’s return to Fiora, the Planeswalker engineered the Academy’s closing and Muzio’s exile with the help of Grenzo, Havoc Raiser. Daretti’s hit list of Academy elites who had wronged him led the two (and countless other goblins) to the home of the former Professor Zadrous Fimarell. After a short and interrupted speech, Daretti killed the man who had built a career from stealing his work. In the death and destruction, Daretti and Grenzo set their sights on former Chancellor Alendis, now under Marchesa’s rule.

Last Appearances:Like Cogwork (Mention), Bloody Instructions

Aura Blast | Art by Ron Walotsky


Betrayed in the assault on Phyrexia. After her parents feared her odd powers and abandoned her in the Great Wood of Ulgrotha, Daria was found and adopted by Taysir, who recognized the spark within her. As an ignited Planeswalker Daria met many others of her kind, but it would be the void left by Teferi in Urza’s ranks (and her father’s agreement to not join the titans without her) that led her to the mechanical hell of Phyrexia. There, in the third sphere, Daria was attacked by fellow titan Tevesh Szat and—unable to planeswalk away— killed with a single fatal bite from the Planeswalker.

Last Appearances:Invasion, Planeshift

Domri Rade

Eager to explore the Multiverse. In a Gruul tradition known as the Burying, Domri Rade’s Planeswalker spark ignited and sent him on a sojourn to the world of Alara. On his return home the young warrior feared that the truth of his experience would not be accepted and that he’d even be exiled from the guild, but the initiating shaman Sabast met him with respect. Domri was overjoyed and excited for even more planeswalking adventures—travels and worlds that he alone among the Gruul would ever know.

Last Appearances: The Burying: Part 1, The Burying: Part 2

Dovin Baan | Art by Tyler Jacobson

Dovin Baan

Escaped after sabotaging the Hope of Ghirapur. Dovin had come to the Gatewatch in hopes of eliminating the renegade threat with the approach of the Inventors’ Fair, but quickly found himself at odds with the group when Pia Nalaar was revealed to be Renegade Prime and Tezzeret the Schemer as High Judge, and later Special Grand Consul. The vedalken Planeswalker continued operating under Tezzeret’s regime following the fair, staying true to Ghirapur law in arresting Baral but also disrupting the renegade’s Hope of Ghirapur before planeswalking away.

Last Appearances: Burn, Breaking Points

Caves of Koilos | Art by Jim Nelson


Deceived in her divine elevation of the Thran. The Thran Planeswalker Dyfed eagerly awaited the day that a mortal Thran would uncover the truth of other worlds and the Multiverse beyond. When that time had come thanks to Glacian’s genius, she revisited the empire. But in a decision she would come to regret, Dyfed ignored Glacian’s fevered warnings and trusted Yawgmoth to lead the Thran’s otherworldly efforts. During the Thran-Phyrexia War, the Planeswalker returned to Phyrexia, hoping to strip Yawgmoth of the nine-sphered world she had gifted him and restore the Thran. In a final and fatal trick though, Yawgmoth baited Dyfed into rescuing ambassadors on another sphere and killed her while she was stunned by the transformed Thran.

Last Appearance: The Thran

Elspeth, Sun’s Champion | Art by Eric Deschamps

Elspeth Tirel

Trapped in Theros’s Underworld. Returning to Theros after leaving the fight on New Phyrexia, Elspeth eventually took up the title of Sun’s Champion under Heliod. In a cruel manipulation, the Planeswalker Xenagos made Elspeth kill her beloved Daxos before the satyr ascended into Nyx. With Heliod turned against her, she sought redemption alongside Ajani and gained entry to Nyx through an ordeal with Erebos. Elspeth killed Xenagos in the celestial god-realm, but exhausted from the battle she stood no chance against the fearful Heliod. She was killed by the sun god and Ajani brought her body down from Nyx to Theros, eventually allowing her to be taken to the Underworld. There Elspeth stays until a decision is made.

Last Appearances: Godsend: Part 1, Godsend: Part 2, Theros Block Reel

Embereck | Art by Val Mayerik, Rick Bryant, Gonzalo Mayo, & Mark Csaszar


Whereabouts and fate unknown. A member of the Sages of Minorad with a past that tied him to land itself, Embereck was the only Planeswalker who did not give into Ravidel and his cylix threat to devastate the continent of Corondor. But it was also not the time or place for battle. The Planeswalker fled Dominaria, cursing the other members and promising revenge on Ravidel, but what became of Embereck’s rivalry or alliances remains uncertain.

Last Appearances: Wayfarer #4, Armageddon

Eskil | Art by Dennis Calero


His destiny embraced. Eskil had learned to be an angel keeper under his ancestor Xarl’s tutelage, but he proved to be unprepared when Xarl’s death freed the fallen angel Trine. After three days spent tracking down Trine, Eskil summoned the Serran Angel Rahel who quickly neutralized the threat Trine posed. In the end Eskil was blinded as punishment for Xarl’s crimes, but his spark was ignited. As a Planeswalker, Eskil was a savior to the children of Corondor during the Blackblade-Dihada war and it was later rumored that the hero Mangara of Corondor was his pupil.

Last Appearance: Fallen Angel

Faralyn | Art by Rafael Kayanan, Rodney Ramos, & Eric Hope


A selfish escape into a foolish demise. Trapped inside the Shard during the Ice Age, the archmage Faralyn brought an unstable mix of Planeswalkers together at the Summit of the Shard under the guise of revealing the secret to escaping the Shard. When tense discussion broke into outright violence, Chromium and Ravidel were killed in the battles that followed. Faralyn’s true plan was revealed in this juncture as he channeled the power from their deaths into a spell that let him flee the Shard by ways of the rogue plane Shandalar. The wizard gloated in his victory, but celebrations were cut short when an astral dragon—an agent of Shandalar’s guardian Planeswalker Kenan Sarmahl—disintegrated the awestruck Faralyn.

Last Appearances: Ice Age #3, Shandalar #1

City of Brass | Art by Jung Park


Living in her own painful paradise. Fatima never wanted to marry and she made that wish very clear to al-Abin, so when he eventually proposed she was enraged in her refusal and al-Abin left her. His ignorance and disregard fueled her bitterness, and she left the city altogether to train her own magic to create a solitude of stone and brass. While working on her city, she found an even greater freedom: being able to leave her world behind altogether as a Planeswalker. It is unknown whether her city of brass remained on the edges of Rabiah or had been moved to the plane of Wildfire.

Last Appearance: City of Brass

Feroz and Serra | Art by Rebecca Guay


Accepting a natural death. Feroz first came to Ulgrotha in search of a new home and quickly found friends in fellow Planeswalkers Sandruu and Serra. After an unsavory talk with Baron Sengir, Serra and Feroz sought to nurture the world back to health, finding rebirth in the desolate world left by Ravi’s ringing of the chime. And they succeeded for a time, but fear of instability struck with Taysir’s ambush of Sandruu in their rebuilt home and Feroz raised a planar barrier to protect Ulgrotha. Feroz continued improving and exploring the world until his accidental death to a crystallized fire elemental he’d been studying.

Last Appearance: Homelands

Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury | Art by Adam Paquette


A sacrifice to save Dominaria as life’s champion. Known for her World Spell which ended the Ice Age and defense of the world during the Phyrexian Invasion, the Planeswalker Freyalise was a Dominarian hero and a god to its elves. As one of the only survivors among the Nine Titans, she was threatened once more by the power of Phyrexia when the rift above Skyshroud let loose Phyrexians from a cold alternate reality—a reality where, it was theorized by Teferi, Freyalise had never cast the World Spell. Freyalise was reluctant to seal the rift, but eventually came to understand the urgency of their work and sacrificed herself in a massive yet silent explosion of emerald fire, sealing the Skyshroud rift.

Last Appearances:Time Spiral, Planar Chaos

Garruk, the Veil-Cursed | Art by Grzegorz Rutkowski


Accepting of his new fate. Having been cursed by the Chain Veil in an encounter with Liliana Vess on Shandalar, Garruk hunted Liliana down in hopes of undoing the affliction. Unfortunately, his condition only worsened with time and reached a breaking point when it drew the attention of Vronos, Jace, and Avacyn herself. Garruk began hunting Planeswalkers, and especially those Planeswalkers who wished to detain him for healing. The result of an effort led by Jace Beleren, Garruk had a hedron implanted in his chest which prevented the curse from advancing any further. Jace still wished to heal him, but Garruk simply offered to leave them alone for as long as they did the same in return and Jace accepted.

Last Appearances:Magic 2015 – Garruk’s Revenge, Monster

Geyadrone Dihada | Art by Rags Morales, Barbara Kaalberg, & Atomic Paintbrush

Geyadrone Dihada

Whereabouts and fate unknown. The shapeshifting sorceress Planeswalker Geyadrone Dihada is best known for a single elaborate campaign against Dakkon Blackblade. After manipulating Carth into summoning Dakkon the Shadowless and later Dakkon into killing her own dragon servant Piru with the indestructible Blackblade, Geyadrone Dihada finally received what she was after. The dragon’s power had been delivered to her in its death and she departed Dominaria. When Dihada returned during the Planeswalkers War, she hoped to “exact revenge on the Carthalion heir scion, take back Dakkon Blackblade as her chief lieutenant, and make the world her own.”

Last Appearance: Dakkon Blackblade, Battlemage

Gideon’s Reproach | Art by Izzy

Gideon Jura

Undoubting of Liliana’s intentions. Gideon had no qualms about joining into the fight on Dominaria against the Cabal, and especially under the necessity of freeing Liliana from her deals. After having helped defeat Belzenlok inside the Stronghold, including the landing of a critical strike with the Blackblade, Gideon joined his allies in departing for the rendezvous on Ravnica. When the group had arrived though, Liliana was missing and Jace immediately cast his judgement on their trust in her. Gideon returned to Dominaria and failed to find Liliana, but remained hopeful and wished her well wherever she was.

Last Appearances: Return to Dominaria: Episode 11, Return to Dominaria: Episode 12

Grenfell Mor | Art by Val Mayerik, Rick Bryant, Gonzalo Mayo, & Mark Csaszar

Grenfell Mor

Failed in his revenge against Kristina. A member of the Sages of Minorad, Grenfell made no effort to oppose Ravidel and his threats on the city, instead attempting to hide behind his allies for cover. Grenfell was banished by Ravidel to Golthonor, where Kristina and Jared eventually visited him in their quest to defeat Ravidel and destroy the cylix. The mage attempted to kill his grandson Jared Carthalion with a sea serpent, buying him time to attack the distracted Planeswalker Kristina, but what little threat Grenfell posed to them was neutralized with a small tsunami spell.

Last Appearance: Wayfarer #4

Grinth | Duels 2015


Killed in Garruk’s hunt. Mind magic stood a great chance against the already curse-riddled Garruk, and the hunter struggled to even advanced toward Grinth at first. The Planeswalker Grinth even sported full plate armor, but it would never be enough. Garruk fought through the mindbreaker’s tricks and landed a fatal strike, shattering his breastplate and claiming the life of another of Vronos’s soldiers.

Last Appearance: Magic 2015 – Garruk’s Revenge

Wild Research | Art by Gary Ruddell


Killed by Yawgmoth after erasing the written future. One of  Nine Titans, Commodore Guff was a unique Planeswalker with strange powers over reality itself. After Urza’s betrayal, he worked alongside Bo Levar to activate the remaining bombs on Phyrexia and returned to Dominaria with the remaining Planeswalkers. He revealed to the group their written deaths and defeat, but Bo Levar demanded he erase the history and allow them to fight for themselves. As Guff finished this act, the death cloud of Yawgmoth consumed him.

Last Appearances: Planeshift, Apocalypse

Huatli, Radiant Champion | Art by Chris Rahn


Collecting stories of other worlds. Huatli returned triumphant in having found Orazca, but she was disappointed when Emperor Apatzec wanted something more than the truth of her story at the ceremony—something which served the empire’s growth rather than peace. When she arrived home, her family urged her to use her new abilities and leave Ixalan to explore the Multiverse. After her cousins retrieved the helm of the warrior-poet, Huatli planeswalked to Kaladesh where she met and made easy friends with the Planeswalker Saheeli Rai.

Last Appearances:Who Tells the Stories, Wool Over the Eyes


Killed in Garruk’s hunt. Hired by Vronos to bring Garruk back to Innistrad for healing from Avacyn, the Planeswalker nicknamed by Garruk as “Icy” was a late arrival. He had watched from a distance as Jace agreed to Garruk’s offer to leave each other alone, but only moved in long after Jace had departed. Icy was given a fair chance to take his money and leave, but the Planeswalker continued to threaten Garruk and was beheaded before he could planeswalk away.

Last Appearance: Monster

Brainstorm | Art by Daarken

Jace Beleren

Reunited on Ravnica and casting his doubts. After fully accepting Liliana’s treachery and temporarily masking Vraska’s memories on Ixalan, Jace quickly visited the Gatewatch on Dominaria to warn them of trusting the necromancer. Their rendezvous on Ravnica only seemed to prove the mind mage’s point as Liliana’s absence was loudly noted by all—even if not fully accepted by most. Now Jace must prepare with his allies for their battle against Bolas while also serving his adopted homeplane as the Living Guildpact.

Last Appearances: Return to Dominaria: Episode 9, Return to Dominaria: Episode 12

Jared | Art by Val Mayerik, Rick Bryant, & Mark Csaszar

Jared Carthalion

Whereabouts and fate unknown. Guided by Liana and Kristina and aided by countless others in his quest, Jared Carthalion worked tirelessly to oppose and destroy his rival Ravidel but it was never enough for a definitive victory. Jared’s Planeswalker spark ignited in his last known battle with Ravidel, fighting alongside Altair and Kristina, but the mad Planeswalker had still succeeded in creating the beacon to begin the Planeswalkers’ War on Corondor.

Last Appearances: Wayfarer #5, Battlemage

Jaya Ballard | Art by Magali Villeneuve

Jaya Ballard

Not a joiner, but willing to help. After revealing her identity beyond “Mother Luti” to the Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar, Jaya eventually accepted Chandra’s request for further training after she had proven her potential for focus in aiding Multani. Jaya fiercely defended the Weatherlight while others had infiltrated the Stronghold, and following Belzenlok’s defeat agreed to help the group in the fight against Nicol Bolas on Ravnica, though she refused to take an oath.

Last Appearances:Return to Dominaria: Episode 11, Return to Dominaria: Episode 12

Jeska, Warrior Adept | Art by rk post


A sacrifice to save Dominaria and restore Multiversal balance. Under the mentorship of Karn, Jeska explored the Multiverse as a Planeswalker until Karn had returned to Dominaria and sacrificed his spark to seal the Tolarian rift. Jeska arrived too late to follow him, but learned the purpose of his sacrifice and became determined to save the world. Eventually arriving at the Otarian rift caused by Karona’s death, she used Radha as a living conduit to enter the rift, merging with Karona’s form within and becoming fully realized in her knowledge of the Multiverse. With her sacrifice, Jeska’s immense power rippled throughout the Multiverse and closed all remaining rifts, finalizing the Mending. Somewhere beyond life itself, Kamahl’s waiting had ended and he greeted his sister.

Last Appearances: Planar Chaos, Future Sight

Jiang Yanggu | Art by Tingting Yeh

Jiang Yanggu

Searching for his past. Waking with no memory of his past, Jiang traveled with Mowu and settled in with the Jiuli Clan. But his new home was threatened by a water contamination, and in search of an elixir he met a powerful mage who helped him purify the clan’s supply. Though he succeeded, Yanggu left the clan and joined the woman in hopes of rediscovering his forgotten past.

Last Appearance: None.

Karn, Scion of Urza | Art by Chase Stone


A stop on the path to destroy New Phyrexia. Karn had been cleansed of the Phyrexian corruption, but the war to achieve the same for his plane proved hopeless. On Dominaria, the golem worked against the world itself to unearth Urza’s cylix in hopes of using it to destroy his lost creation. Karn agreed to a minor detour and traveled with the Gatewatch and Jaya to Ravnica in hopes of defeating Nicol Bolas.

Last Appearances:Return to Dominaria: Episode 11, Return to Dominaria: Episode 12

Kaya, Ghost Assassin | Art by Chris Rallis


Escaped after assassinating Brago. Kaya had accepted work on Fiora before, but it was Marchesa’s contract for a high-profile assassination that would leave her lasting mark on the world. The ghost assassin had reached the king unobstructed thanks to her abilities and successfully killed him, but when confronted by Adriana she refused any combat. The Planeswalker fled to the stables below, escaping the scene and allowing the throne to be filled by her patron.

Last Appearances: Laid to Rest, Tyrants

Kenan | Art by Bo Hampton & Digital Chameleon

Kenan Sahrmal

Leaving Shandalar, but not unprotected. Kenan Sahrmal had killed Faralyn in response to his greedy intrusion on the plane, but other extraplanar visitors escaping the Shard would cause the mage a great deal of trouble. Leshrac and Tevesh Szat left the plane soon after, but the necromancer Lim-Dul utilized a more insidious approach and “killed” Sahrmal in a maneuver to swap bodies with the Planeswalker. In time, Kenan Sahrmal recovered and installed the Guardian to protect Shandalar, but with that he departed the plane never to return.

Last Appearances: Shandalar #2, Magic: The Gathering (Shandalar) Instruction Manual

Kento | Duels 2015


Killed in Garruk’s hunt. The Planeswalker Kento was a spirit mage who hoped to bring Garruk back to the plane of Innistrad so that he may be helped by Avacyn. Kento found Garruk and overwhelmed him with spirit voices, but Garruk defeated the mage and Kento was marked as his first kill in a string of would-be captors led by Vronos.

Last Appearance: Magic 2015 – Garruk’s Revenge

Kiora, Master of Depths | Art by Jason Chan


Failed to cancel the Gatewatch’s plan. Kiora had returned to the Planeswalkers to offer help once more after their collective failure trying to capture Ulamog at Sea Gate, but she was much more hesitant when the plan was in action. The merfolk Planeswalker urged Nissa to drop the leylines and fight another day, but both Jace and Nissa refused her appeals. As the Gatewatch continued to push forward, Kiora lifted the Halimar into the air and began to launch the sea at Nissa to disrupt her hold and free the titans. Jace’s intervention countered her wave and saved the group’s fight, and Kiora left the scene in the aftermath of the Titans’ deaths.

Last Appearances:Brink of Extinction, Zendikar’s Last Stand

Koth of the Hammer | Art by Eric Deschamps


Continuing the Mirran fight on New Phyrexia. Koth recruited Elspeth and forced Venser into helping save his homeplane, but the fate of Mirrodin had already been decided. Karn had already left the world, and as Elspeth joined him Koth gave one final request: “Seal this world off, and throw away the key.” Koth detonated the spellbomb underneath the new throne room where the Praetors and Tezzeret met, but continues to survive on the plane against all odds.

Last Appearances: The Quest for Karn, The Lost Confession (Mention), Phyrexian Arena

Kristina | Art by Val Mayerik, Rick Bryant, & Mark Csaszar


Betrayed in the assault on Phyrexia. The Planeswalker Kristina had survived through Summit of the Shard, Ravidel’s attack on Minorad, and even the Planeswalkers’ War on Corondor. Her expertise lent her perfectly to Urza’s Nine Titans, thought it was Freyalise’s insistence on Kristina’s presence that brought her into the group. It was on the second sphere that a Phyrexian millipede had disabled her Titan Engine, but a quick planeswalk away and back had saved her. Defenseless without her Titan though, Szat fired upon Kristina and killed the Planeswalker. Both Urza and Szat dismissed the event as accidental.

Last Appearances: Invasion, Planeshift

Leshrac | Art by Bo Hampton & Digital Chameleon


Sacrificed by Bolas to seal the Madaran rift. The Shard, Phyrexia, and the Planeswalkers’ War. Leshrac was nothing if not a survivor, but he finally met his match against the Planeswalker Nicol Bolas. Following a planeswalking duel that spanned Ravnica, Mercadia, Ulgrotha, and more worlds, Leshrac’s confidence in his victory shone through and Bolas’s deceit was revealed. The dragon captured Leshrac within an artifact, then said his farewell to the Dominarian heroes and pushed the wailing prison into the Talon Gates, sealing the Madaran rift.

Last Appearances: The Eternal Ice, Future Sight

Liana | Art by Val Mayerik, Rick Bryant, & Mark Csaszar


A sacrifice to save her allies. A member of the Sages of Minorad, Liana had been cursed to serve Ravidel’s accomplice the Scarlet Vizier. The Planeswalker helped Jared in secret at first, but in her master’s death she was able to aid him directly in his first true battle against Ravidel. After Kristina had started mentoring Jared as a Wayfarer, Liana chose to buy the two time to escape Ravidel by dragging the mad Planeswalker into a duel in the Abyss.

Last Appearances: Wayfarer #3, Wayfarer #4 (Flashback)

Liliana’s Contract | Art by Bastien L. Deharme

Liliana Vess

Demons defeated, but now serving a new master. With the help of Gideon, Chandra, and countless others, Liliana’s goal on Dominaria had been achieved. She had recovered the Blackblade, killed Belzenlok, and was freed of the demon deals she had entered years ago. But as she moved to follow the group to Ravnica and prepare for their battle with Nicol Bolas, the dragon instead came to her. As the broker, Bolas now owned the contract and gave her the choice: Obey him or die. Still hopeful, Liliana followed the dragon to their next destination.

Last Appearances: Return to Dominaria: Episode 11, Return to Dominaria: Episode 12

Staff of the Wild Magus | Art by Daniel Ljunngrenn


Killed in an attack on Gastal. Trying to escape the notice of older predatory Planeswalkers throughout the Multiverse, the young Planeswalker Manatarqua had herself disguised as an illusory pavilion when Urza and Xantcha had visited the plane of Gastal. A large fireball from exactly that kind of enemy incinerated Manatarqua, killing her as Urza and Xantcha fled the world and attack.

Last Appearance: Planeswalker

Battle of Wits | Art by Jason Chan

Masrath and Tessebik

Journeying across the Multiverse. Masrath and Tessebik were two school friends who studied magic on Dominaria and both had their Planeswalker sparks ignite in the time following the Mending. The two reunited and caught up after finding each other in an arena crowd, but both were eager to test themselves in spell combat against the other. Planeswalking to a randomly chosen plane, Masrath and Tessebik agreed to collect resources for a time and then begin their civil duel.

Last Appearance: Gentlemen’s Duel

Prison Term | Art by Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai


Escaping after a failed attempt to imprison Urza. Meshuvel had taught Urza the fundamentals of life as a Planeswalker: shapeshifting, the vastness of the Multiverse, and comprehending language without thought. But she feared Urza, knowing she could never see the Multiverse as he did through his powerstone eyes. This fear drove her to try to capture Urza in a time pit, but when her trap failed she abandoned the Planeswalker.

Last Mention: Planeswalker (Mention)

Mezlok | Art by Mark Poole


Whereabouts and fate unknown. Mezlok was fully prepared in his duel against Jehadt, disenchanting his protections and launching a fireball to force the inexperienced mage’s retreat. Turning down the opportunity to track his opponent and finish the fight, Mezlok chose to replace Jehadt as the representative for the Ghordan in a mysterious competition packed with Planeswalker fighters. But in the shadows a sinister and ancient force stirred, excited by the concentration of otherworldly travelers. The contest and its outcomes remain unseen.

Last Appearance: Duelist #3: Mezlok’s Challenge

Mu Yanling | Art by 林玄泰

Mu Yanling

In search of her mentor. After being orphaned by a disastrous wave and adopted by Li Shan,  Mu Yanling was raised and trained until her mentor’s apparent death. But after awaking late, Li Shan’s body was gone. Mu Yanling travels the world searching for both her mentor and time magic that can be used to learn more about his fate.

Last Appearance: None.

Nahiri, the Harbinger | Art by Aleksi Briclot


A courtesy returned. After her work had been completed in drawing Emrakul to the plane, Nahiri encountered Sorin at his destroyed ancestral home to fight the Planeswalker. Punishment for imprisoning her in the Helvault, punishment for denying her homeplane of its greatest defender against the Eldrazi, it had all built to this moment against Sorin. Using her lithomancy to draw stone teeth from his ancestral home, she trapped the vampire in a prison from which he could not planeswalk away from and abandoned him.

Last Appearances: Stone and Blood (Flashback), Emrakul Rises, Campaign of Vengeance

Narset Transcendent | Art by Magali Villeneuve


Discovering more about her world. After having her forbidden studies of the khan history approved by Ojutai, Narset began seeking out any resources to piece together Tarkir’s past. Meeting the fabled sar-khan, they were both content remaining on Tarkir to experience and explore the world further. In the time since, Narset has also journeyed beyond to visit Tamiyo’s story circle on Kamigawa.

Last Appearances: The Great Teacher’s Student, Unbroken and Unbowed, Release (Mention)

Magic 2019 | Art by Magali Villeneuve

Nicol Bolas

Plans coming together. After years of scheming since the Mending had stolen his power, Bolas’s world-spanning work is finally coming together. With Liliana firmly under his thumb and the Immortal Sun, Eternal army, and Tezzeret’s planar bridge at his command, the elder dragon Planeswalker has set his sights on Ravnica. Planeswalkers have united in its defense, but will it be enough?

Last Appearances: Return to Dominaria: Episode 12, Chronicle of Bolas (Flashbacks)

Nissa Revane

Departing the Gatewatch to make Zendikar whole. After ominous calls from a mysterious angel and the Gatewatch’s disastrous defeat against Nicol Bolas on Amonkhet, Nissa met with the remaining Gatewatch members on Dominaria. But her visit to the world was short-lived as she explained that she would not be Liliana’s pawn in the battles against her demonic masters. Wishing to return home, she ended her oath and planeswalked away.

Last Appearances: Hour of Devastation, Return to Dominaria: Episode 1

Ob Nixilis, Reignited | Art by Chris Rahn

Ob Nixilis

Finding a fitting punishment for the Gatewatch. After failing to reignite his spark with the Khalni Heart but succeeding by sapping the hedron network intended to imprison Ulamog, Ob Nixilis was free of Zendikar and a Planeswalker once more. The demon imprisoned the Gatewatch for a time, but was defeated when the pyromancer Chandra Nalaar arrived and helped drive the demon off Zendikar, but not before he promised his revenge.

Last Appearances: Retaliation of Ob Nixilis, Up in Flames

Descent into Madness | Art by Anthony Francisco


Replaced in the ranks of Urza’s Titans. Urza’s initial roster for the Nine Titans who would raid Phyrexia included Parcher, but he was never formally recruited or dismissed as Freyalise insisted Kristina should join the group instead. Urza, Freyalise, and Daria had all known of Parcher’s reputation as a particularly erratic Planeswalker.

Last Mention: Invasion (Mention)

Rafthrasa | Art by Liz Danforth


Blessings in exchange for a quiet retirement. Bored after centuries of conquer and battle, Rafthrasa returned home to the island of Kartya hoping to renounce his Planeswalker ways and settle down. But Rafe’s dream of a “simple human” life on a farm proved impossible when he was identified as the god behind a local church—a religion he’d started over a millennia earlier but had since forgotten.

Disguises, wards, and even death itself failed to deter his desperate worshippers, who had little to lose in their time of famine. When a modest appeal came from the respected Sister Gillmin, Rafthrasa accepted: He would answer their prayers, bringing prosperity to Kartya, and they would leave him alone. Rafe enriched the soil, eliminated the bug pests, and sent Gillmin into town to share his request. In the decades of undisturbed peace that followed, Rafthrasa finally found happiness.

Last Appearance: Distant Planes: God Sins

Ral Zarek | Art by Eric Deschamps

Ral Zarek

An uncertain allegiance to Nicol Bolas revealed. Ral Zarek had competed in the Implicit Maze as the usurping representative of the Izzet and led Project Lightning Bug under Niv’s supervision in the time following, but there are more secrets to the Planeswalker than even his allies know. Following the Gatewatch’s departure from Amonkhet, the elder dragon demanded that Tezzeret order Ral to come to him, as the lightning mage’s work for Bolas had been proceeding too slowly.

Last Appearances: In This Very Arena, Hour of Devastation (Mention)

Ramaz | Art by Brad Rigney


Fleeing a lost fight against Chandra Nalaar. Ramaz had been the first to tip off Chandra to the existence of the Dragon Scroll, getting her wrapped up in the events at the Eye of Ugin and more. With help, Chandra tracked Ramaz across the Multiverse until she finally encountered the shaman Planeswalker on the plane of Kaldheim. Ramaz revealed that he had been listening to the predictions and whispers of “the great dragon,” then planeswalked away from the lost duel.

Last Appearance: Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers

Ravi | Art by Rebecca Guay


Her Planeswalker nature forgotten. The Planeswalker Ravi had sought to end the war between the Tolgath and the Ancients on Ulgrotha once and for all, and after ringing the Apocalypse Chime she hid away in a coffin just as her master advised. The only problem was that her master had never told her how to escape the coffin, and Ravi lost both her sanity and identity while imprisoned for centuries. Baron Sengir eventually discovered and freed the old woman, adding her to his family at the manor as “Grandmother Sengir,” who still wore the Apocalypse Chime around her neck.

Last Appearance: Homelands

Jared and Ravidel | Art by Val Mayerik


Whereabouts and fate unknown. Continuing on a battle against his rival Adam Carthalion’s son, Ravidel went to great lengths to try to kill Jared and many other sworn enemies at every turn. With his victory at the Dueling Chasm, Ravidel assembled the beacon which drew many of these opposing Planeswalkers to Dominaria for the mysterious Planeswalkers’ War.

Last Appearances: Wayfarer #5, Battlemage

Rowan Kenrith | Art by Anna Steinbauer

Rowan and Will Kenrith

Battling at Valor’s Reach. Their past and nature shrouded in mystery, the Planeswalker twins Rowan and Will Kenrith have made a name for themselves battling on the world of Kylem.

Last Appearance: None.

Kaladesh | Art by Chase Stone

Saheeli Rai

A new Planeswalker friend and design challenge. With the Consulate reformed following Tezzeret’s tyrannical rule over Ghirapur, Saheeli’s main concern for her homeplane had been addressed. While present at the display of an aether regulator, Saheeli had noticed someone who appeared to be from off-plane in the crowd and pulled her aside. She introduced herself and the world to Huatli, but found a new inspiration in the warrior-poet’s description of dinosaurs on Ixalan and wished to create her own artifact versions of the creatures.

Last Appearances: Breaking Points, Wool Over the Eyes

Samut, the Tested | Art by Aleksi Briclot


Ignited in the joy of her god’s thanks. After accepting Hazoret’s task of protecting the people of Amonkhet, even with Hazoret’s hope for the God-Pharaoh’s aid, Samut revealed Bolas’s treachery and unified the denizens against the the dragon, his corrupted gods, and the Eternals. She struck the Scorpion God, forcing him to fall back on an obelisk where Hazoret finished him off. After earning Hazoret’s thanks Samut was overcome with emotion and her Planeswalker spark ignited, sending her to Theros before she quickly returned home, exhausted and collapsing in her god’s hand.

Last Appearances: Favor, Endure

Sandruu | Art by Rebecca Guay


Whereabouts and fate unknown. Sandruu was the first friend Feroz made upon arriving on Ulgrotha, and under the Planeswalker’s mentorship Sandruu’s own spark ignited. He departed his homeplane, finding love with fellow Planeswalker Kristina, but his new peaceful life was interrupted due to Ravidel’s goading of Taysir. The minotaur was chased across planes by Taysir and eventually landed on Ulgrotha, where the battle ended as Taysir banished Sandruu to a distant world. In time Sandruu would return though, drawn by the call of Ravidel’s beacon to Corondor for the Planeswalkers’ War.

Last Appearances: Homelands, Battlemage

Sarkhan, Fireblood | Art by Grzegorz Rutkowski

Sarkhan Vol

Returned to a world of dragons. Sarkhan had saved Ugin with a hedron shard from the Eye on Zendikar, but the Planeswalker’s sojourn through time ended in that act. He arrived on Tarkir, but not the world he knew. The Planeswalker was now an orphan of time, and though neither Ugin nor Narset would ever fully understand his journey, Sarkhan was content in his new home among dragons.

Last Appearances: A Tarkir of Dragons, Unbroken and Unbowed

Worship | Art by Mark Zug


Diffusing her power into Sursi. After fleeing her realm and its Phyrexian corruption, Serra eventually ended up on Ulgrotha. She and Feroz worked to rebuild the devastated plane, even going so far as to raise a planar barrier to protect the world from any malicious Planeswalkers who would threaten it. But Serra’s peace ended with Feroz’s unexpected death and she departed the plane for Dominaria soon after. In her final act, the Planeswalker imbued the land of Sursi with power that continues to protect it to this day.

Last Appearances: Planeswalker, Homelands

Sifa Grent | Art by Dan Scott

Sifa Grent

Killed in her attack on Vitu-Ghazi. Sifa had evaded Dack Fayden in a chase across planes as he sought revenge for her slaughter of his Fioran hometown, but her reckoning finally came on her return to the world of Ravnica. Enlisting the help of Rakdos and his cult, the Planeswalker raided Vitu-Ghazi in hopes of draining the Selesnyan’s holy tree of its life to fuel her own. Her plan only failed thanks to a sacrifice by Dack’s ally, Vaclav Nosek, who stealthily attacked Sifa and opened up an opportunity for Dack to kill the Planeswalker.

Last Appearances: Spell Thief, Path of Vengeance

Campaign of Vengeance | Art by Cynthia Sheppard

Sorin Markov

Stuck in a rock. Having only discovered Nahiri’s plan in the moments after he inadvertently doomed his world, Sorin had nothing to lose in his final battle against Nahiri at Markov Manor. He had recruited the Voldaren bloodline to battle, but Nahiri dismissed any threat from the vampiric forces with the release of Eldrazi monstrosities. The duel between the Planeswalkers ended as Sorin was trapped in the stone of his ancestral home, experiencing a pain too great for him to focus on planeswalking away.

Last Appearances: Innistrad’s Last Hope, Campaign of Vengeance

Tamiyo, Field Researcher | Art by Tianhua X


Horrified by Emrakul’s control. Tamiyo had been the one to propose sealing Emrakul inside of Innistrad’s moon, but it remained a risky endeavor as the Gatewatch’s only real chance of saving Innistrad. But terror overwhelmed the moonfolk Planeswalker as she lost control in the final moments of their sealing—Emrakul had taken control of Tamiyo to finish the spell. The sealing worked with the additional power of a forbidden scroll, modified by the Titan at an unknown time, and Tamiyo only disclosed the full traumatic truth of the event to Jace Beleren.

Last Appearances: Emrakul Rises, The Promised End

Taysir | Art by Rebecca Guay


Killed by Urza in the raid on Phyrexia. As one of the Nine Titans, Taysir traveled to Phyrexia where Urza allowed his friend Kristina and daughter Daria to die at the hands of Tevesh Szat before killing the Planeswalker. Soon after, Taysir tried desperately to awaken Urza from the lure of Yawgmoth and Phyrexia following the destruction of the master bomb, but Urza activated the kill rubric in Taysir’s suit, ending the Planeswalker’s life.

Last Appearances: Invasion, Planeshift

Tefero, Hero of Dominaria | Art by Chris Rallis


His spark restored and united against an old enemy. With Jhoira’s recovery of the Planeswalker’s spark using the mana rig in Shiv, Teferi chose to return to a Planeswalker life and was key in the infiltration of Belzenlok’s Stronghold to recover the Blackblade. In the wake of the demon’s defeat, Teferi pledged an oath to the Gatewatch and departed Dominaria for the first time in decades. Now he prepares alongside the Gatewatch on Ravnica before the dragon Nicol Bolas brings his plans to fruition on the city world.

Last Appearances: Return to Dominaria: Episode 11, Return to Dominaria: Episode 12

Wasteland | Art by Steven Belledin


Final farewell to her Finder. The Planeswalker Tempé made many enemies in her travels, but it was her lackey Malvos who she seemed to enjoy torturing the most. Tempé had temporarily imprisoned Malvos countless times, but when she discovered he’d been secretly feeding on her mana lines she left him on the plane of Cridhe for a much longer sentence. Centuries later, Tempé returned to check the plane for mana lines and seek an apology from Malvos, but all he gave her were powerless pleas and threats. Knowing that Malvos had no mana to feed on, the Planeswalker departed, leaving her servant to die on the backwater plane.

Last Appearance: The Cursed Land

Tevesh Szat | Art by Rafael Kayanan, Rodney Ramos, & Eric Hope

Tevesh Szat

Punished for an immortal crime. The villainous Tevesh Szat was crucial to Urza’s plans with the Nine Titans, as he only recruited the Planeswalker for a need to harvest his soul to power the bombs that would bring down the Phyrexia. The expected yet necessary betrayal cost the group greatly, though, as Tev managed to kill both Kristina and Daria before Urza took action. With the activation of the kill rubric in Szat’s suit, the Planeswalker’s life was ended, Urza’s plans had come to fruition, and the five remaining Titans watched on in horror.

Last Appearances: Invasion, Planeshift

Tezzeret, Artifice Master | Art by Josh Hass VA


Paying his debt to Bolas. Under Bolas’s direction Tezzeret had seized the Planar Bridge on Kaladesh, but the truth of the core’s final location remains unknown to most. Having installed it in his etherium form, Tezzeret has become a bridge, able to transport unliving materials between worlds. On Amonkhet Bolas directed the Planeswalker to retrieve Ral Zarek, but in the time since Tezzeret has used his abilities with great success to transport the Immortal Sun off the plane of Ixalan.

Last Appearances: Puppets, Hour of Devastation

Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded | Art by Peter Mohrbacher


Fused in his ignition and escape. Experimenting with pain and torture on Innistrad’s citizens after failing studies in necromancy, Tibalt attracted the attention of Innistrad’s devils—whose advice and whispers he happily took into his cruel work. When Avacynian inquisitors entered his lab, intent on taking in the sadistic mage, Tibalt responded with a powerful spell that fused his human essence with those of the devils and ignited his spark.

Last Appearance: None.

Lord of the Pit | Art by Chippy


Whereabouts and fate unknown. Whether it was pulling Sauruven into battle against his mourning friend Eumenes or bringing a demon to a sprite fight, Thomil was a ruthless Planeswalker. He had engaged in a duel with Worzel on the plane of Ergamon, but struggled to gain any ground against the protective magic she wielded. In the end, all that remained where Thomil once stood was a crater with no mana lines, indicating that he likely wasn’t able to planeswalk away from his own Lord of the Pit.

Last Appearances: Tapestries (Mention), Roreca’s Tale

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon | Art by Chris Rahn


Alive in hidden opposition to Nicol Bolas. Ugin’s guidance was heeded at first, but with the Gatewatch’s failure to capture Ulamog and the rise of Kozilek, the group needed to go even further to save Zendikar. With the death of the Eldrazi titans Ulamog and Kozilek, the Spirit Dragon’s patience had vanished and he scolded the group for their recklessness, wishing to study the remains in peace and prepare for the future.

Last Appearances: Zendikar Resurgent, Sabotage (Flashback), Chronicle of Bolas (Flashbacks)

Urza | Art by Mark Tedin


The Legacy fulfilled. At the end of a long and storied life came Urza’s fall to his sworn enemy, defending the glory of Phyrexia against his Titan allies and even his champion Gerrard. But Urza’s beheading by Gerrard in the Phyrexian arena was not the end of the Planeswalker. With his sanity restored but his body lost, Urza continued to guide the Weatherlight crew and revealed the final secrets to the Legacy Weapon. In his and Gerrard’s collective sacrifice, Yawgmoth was finally destroyed.

Last Appearances: Planeshift, Apocalypse

Venser, the Sojourner | Art by Eric Deschamps


A sacrifice to restore Karn’s life. After being forced to Mirrodin by Koth, Venser joined Elspeth and the geomancer in traveling far and wide and deep into the metallic world. Venser hoped to find Karn, the creator who would hold the fate of Mirrodin, but after locating the corrupted golem in the throne room Venser was forced to make a choice. Teleporting his heart into Karn—and along with it both Melira’s granted immunity and his Planeswalker spark—Venser sacrificed himself to free his friend from the grip of New Phyrexia.

Last Appearances: Gathering Forces, Dark Discoveries, The Quest for Karn

Vivien Reid | Art by Anna Steinbauer

Vivien Reid

On a quest to destroy all civilization. As Nicol Bolas destroyed her homeplane of Skalla, Vivien instinctively planeswalked away with the powerful relic that her Smaragdi and Nura allies were planning on using against Bolas. Vivien has mastered the Arkbow in her Planeswalker travels, adding countless creatures to its arsenal. Now she awaits the day to unleash its collection and restore the Multiverse to a natural order.

Last Appearance: None.

Autumn’s Veil | Art by Kekai Kotaki


Whereabouts and fate unknown. Vram had visited a naturalist name Langwynd in search of new creatures to summon, and Langwynd begrudgingly led her to the middle of the Foulmere swamp and presented the Planeswalker with Rana palustris giganticus: the Big Bog Frog. After leaving her daughter with Langwynd, Vram began a duel with a rival figure who had appeared in the swamp nearby and demolished Foulmere entirely.

Last Appearance: Distant Planes: Foulmere

Vraska, Scheming Gorgon | Art by Grzegorz Rutkowski


Her planned deceit of Bolas hidden away. Once Vraska learned the truth of her patron’s plan, she and Jace agreed to disguising her memories of Ixalan by masking all traces of Jace’s involvement. Upon her successful return to Bolas, no suspicions were raised and Vraska continued back to Ravnica to claim her payment: leadership over the Golgari. There the Planeswalker remains, unaware of her recent past until Jace frees her memory.

Last Appearances: Sabotage, Wool Over the Eyes

Vronos | Art by Chippy


Killed in Garruk’s hunt. Months after his ignition had led him to Esper and beyond, Vronos returned home and sought a way to serve the angel Avacyn and redeem himself. She tasked the Planeswalker with finding Garruk and returning the cursed hunter to her for healing. He tracked Garruk down, but received a critical injury in their first battle and fled the world. Unfortunately, Garruk followed in time and the slowly recovering Vronos was beheaded where he stood.

Last Appearances: Magic 2015 – Garruk’s Revenge, The Hunter Cannot Pity

Lord Windgrace | Art by Bram Sels


A sacrifice to save Dominaria, but protecting his home from beyond. Windgrace was a long-lived protector of Urborg and also served as one of the Nine Titans in the raid on Phyrexia, working with Freyalise to detonate multiple bombs on the plane after Urza had betrayed them. As Phyrexians assaulted his home centuries later, Windgrace was urged to address the rift at Stronghold but initially denied. Fortunately, the group persisted and Lord Windgrace was swayed, but not unconditionally: He imbued his spirit into the land itself, leaving part of himself to watch over Urborg following his death. With that protection in place, he grew to monumental heights and crushed the Stronghold rift between his jaws, letting out a roar as his essence was pulled in to seal the rift.

Last Appearances: Time Spiral, Planar Chaos

Truga Jungle | Art by Jim Nelson


Returning to the plane of Cabralin. When Worzel found herself in a duel with Thomil on Ergamon, she managed to stave his assault, using protective spells she had acquired from a mage on Cabralin through no kind means. The power of this magic was evident in her victory over Thomil, but it also gave her reason to revisit Calabrin and potentially add more of the protective spells to her arsenal.

Last Appearance: Roreca’s Tale

Deicide | Art by Jason Chan


Cut from Nyx. The Planeswalker Xenagos had manipulated the rules of the world, ascending to godhood and earning a fresh place in Nyx. But his manipulation of Elspeth in particular left her at blame, leading to a campaign where she would enter Nyx alongside Ajani Goldmane and redeem herself in the eyes of Heliod. The newly-formed god Xenagos was attacked and killed by both Nylea and Elspeth, and Xenagos’s body dropped from Nyx to the Despair Lands below as a mere mortal once more.

Last Appearances:  Godsend: Part 1, Godsend: Part 2

Excoriate | Art by Johann Bodin


Whereabouts and fate unknown. While Arzakon was attempting to lay siege from beyond the plane, whispers of the Planeswalker’s ancient rival Yawden reached denizens of Shandalar. Though his last encounter with Yawden had taken place centuries prior, it was rumored that Arzakon still feared the wizard Planeswalker. Yawden never interfered with the affairs on Shandalar, for better or for worse, and hasn’t been spoken of since.

Last Mention:  Magic: The Gathering (Shandalar)

Honorable Mentions

  • Crucius, Jehadt, and Bolar, whose Planeswalkerhood are implied but never explicitly stated.
  • Greensleeves, Kuthuman, and other uncertain Planeswalkers of the Greensleeves novel series.
  • The demonic leviathan Planeswalker who became the Talon Gates, and the dragon Planeswalker who created Phyrexia.
  • Krim, Platon, and the Thorn, who are only known as loreless Planeswalker rivals of Tempé.